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Pär grew up in the village of Svärdsjö, Sweden. Since his parents are traditional folk dancers and -musicians, Pär has been attending dance- and music meetings (spelmansstämmor) almost since the day he was born. This immersion in the living folk culture cemented his love for Swedish traditional dance music.

Inspired by the rest of his family he started fiddling at the age of 5. He learned to play both at the municipal music school and from the local traditional folk musicians. Since then he has been playing at dances and on concerts, both solo and in bands, and explored several other traditional musical directions.

He has been living in Göttingen, Germany, since 2011, and is a frequent visitor at Göttingen’s Irish Folk sessions. He’s the fiddler in the band Crofter’s Blend, and in 2015 he came into contact with American Old Time Music for the first time. In 2018 he started the solo project “Fiddling, Foot Stomping, and Fine Tunes”.

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