2019-11-28 – Concert @ KIM, Göttingen

I had great fun at the concert! A wonderful audience that showed up even though it was raining like crazy outside! A huge thank you to everyone who showed up, and to Peter Funk (http://peterfunk-music.de/) who organized the concert together with Neue Arbeit Brockensammlung (http://www.neue-arbeit-brockensammlung.de).

An evening filled with music from both sides the Atlantic. From Sweden to Ireland, from Finland to the US. Banjo, fiddle, footstomping, and occasional singing!

Entrance is free, spending after the concert is encouraged!

For other concerts at KIM, take a look at their website (in German) here: http://www.neue-arbeit-brockensammlung.de/veranstaltungen.html.