Chinquapin Hunting

This week’s tune for Fiddling Friday is Chinquapin Hunting, played in the tuning of GDGD.

This is a tune that I first learned from a YouTube video, and it was also the first video where I saw the one and only Rushad Eggleston. In the video, he plays it together with a lot of awesome musicians: Bruce Molsky, Tatiana Hargreaves, and Jim Miller. The energy in their recording, which is part of the Live@Pickathon 2012 videos, is amazing and it overflows of happiness and musicality. This is one of many recordings of Chinquapin Hunting, and it is worth to take a look at because it shows how I think folk music should be: wild, intimate, and filled with fun.

As with any tune that counts as a “standard jam tune”, there are many, extremely many, great recordings of Chinquapin Hunting. A quick search on YouTube gives hundreds of videos, all with great musicians. Tim O’Brien, Greg Clarke, and Jacie Sites are some that I warmly recommend to take a look at.

If you want to go back to the roots, though, take a look at the recording available on the web site Slippery Hill. It’s raw, it’s scratchy, but as far as I could find out, it seems to be the earliest record of the tune available.

If you want to learn the version I play, you can find a slow version here:

Oh, and if you wonder what a Chinquapin is, it seems to be a kind of chestnut.