Gånglåt after Wilhelm Hedlund

Today’s tune is a gånglåt, or walking tune from Wilhelm Hedlunds shoe box. I learned it during my time in Svärdsjö Spelmanslag, and they usually play it as part of a medley called “The USA-Medley”. It was put together much before my time, when Svärdsjö Spelmanslag was on tour in USA.

The tune is, at least to my ears, not that typical for a Svärdsjö-tune. It sounds almost like it is from eastern Europe or Russia. This is very well possible, since Wilhelm Hedlund came from an area where a lot of Swedenfinns travelled through

As Svärdsjö Spelmanslag, and as I play it, it is a hard tune to walk to, unless you are very quick with your feet. But this is what makes it fun. You can play it wildly, and just add a couple of more instruments who care about the chords, and you are set for a number which is great fun to play.

And here is the version with Svärdsjö Spelmanslag: