Låten överom Kvinten

Today we’re travelling quite far away from my home town. Well, not as far away as Ireland or USA, but quite far north in Sweden. It’s a polka from Stensele called Låten överom Kvinten which translates to “The tune above the fifth”. If you listen to it, it’ll be obvious why it’s called that way.

I learned this from a book that my mother has at home, called Danslåtar från Västerbotten. It also seems that it is a very common tune north of Dalälven. Maybe south of it as well, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me since it is a catchy tune and it allows you to show off how fancy you can play. And how bad it sounds when you actually miss the high note.

I’ve recorded three videos for you, one where I play it normally, one where I play it slow and give you a small tip on how to hit that high note, and one with the chords as I play them. And at the bottom of this post you can find the sheet music.

Since this is a very common tune, there are many great recordings of it out there on the internet. I’ve linked to a couple of the ones I like the most below.

And as promised, here are some really nice recordings of this tune made by other artists. Enjoy!