Polska from Svärdsjö after Fredric Salling

Today’s tune is a polska that is one of the tunes that are played in Svärdsjö Spelmanslag. This tune is at least from the end of the 18th century, possibly even older. It can be tracked back to the tune collection “Från källorna till havet” by Forsslund, which is a collection of tunes from the Swedish county Dalarna, and Forsslund in turn has it from Fredric Salling.

I’ll post more tunes from Fredric Salling in the future, since we have a lot of tunes that are after him. A lot of short Polskas, or Pollonesse, that are a lot of fun to play.

I’ve put up my recording of it on YouTube, together with a slowed down version and a suggestion of chords you can play.

In the slowed down version and the chord version I’ve put in a small box zoomed in at my hand, so that you hopefully can see what I do a bit better. I have some plans using an action cam for this in the future, and this is a first test to see how it works.

I’d appreciate your feedback of this approach. Just send me a mail at par@fiddlestomper.com.

Another version is the recording from Svärdsjö Spelmanslag’s CD “Svärdsjö Spelmanslag 50 år”. It is available on Spotify and it is definitely worth to listen to.

It is a bit different than how I usually play it, and that’s the magic of traditional music: it develops depending on who is playing it. We always have to remember that we don’t know how Fredric Salling was playing it. His version has been filtered through the hands of Forsslund and the limitation of writing down music on paper.

And, at last, if you want to have the sheet music for this tune, I jotted down the version as I play it. Or, as I usually play it. I’ve noticed that I’m very inconsistent in my playing, varying tunes heavily depending on mood, time of day, and humidity.