Svärdsjövisan after Hjort-Anders Olsson

Today we’re going to tackle a real classic. This song is old, and there are several versions of it, not all of them from Svärdsjö. The tune has a text as well, and the words of it dates back to at least the 1840’s. The theme is a common one: the harvest didn’t turn out well, and the people ask themselves how they will get through the winter.

The version I play in the video is a version after Hjort-Anders Olsson, which is noted down in the book “Från Källorna till Havet” (From the sources to the sea). This book will show up in quite a lot of the future blog posts as well, since it is a source for many tunes from the area I come from.

It’s a minor tune, and I think it captures the sadness and worries of the old days quite well (not that I’ve experienced them myself) and it’s just plain and simple a beautiful tune. You can, as always, find a slowed down version of it as well.

Since this tune is an evergreen, you can find a lot of different versions of it all over the internet. A search on YouTube yields several versions, not all of them the same as the one I play here. But take a look at them as well! Even if it isn’t the same tune, they are well worth learning!

And if you want the sheet music of the version that I’m playing, here it is!