Vingel å Fis after Edward Söderlund

Coggle and Fart – that’s the name of this week’s tune. It’s after the fiddler Edward Söderlund from Klockarnäs (Enviken), Sweden. Since we also had a fiddler called Vingel-Fisen, or “the coggle-fart”, I guess this tune was in some way passed down from him.

It’s a waltz, played in A- and E-major. This makes retuning the fiddle to AEAE, or Cross-A, very inviting, and it does sound good when played this way. But I’ve seldom had to make this many retakes. There was always something that I messed up. It was harder than expected to switch between different tunings in this tune.

This waltz is also very similar to another tune called Gnistermorfar. The second part is almost identical, and this is another proof of the wandering fiddlers, learning by ear, changing the tune a bit, forgetting the other parts, putting other parts together, and so on. Nowadays it seems as if some people are afraid of this process. That tunes have to be played “the proper way”. Myself, I like the messing up, forgetting, recombining, and creating new Frankenstein-Tunes from old almost forgotten ones. You can find the link to a recording of Gnistermorfar at the bottom of this post.

No sheet music today though. The reason is that I’ve just recently learned this tune from the sheet music from Svärdsjö Spelmanslag. I haven’t developed my “own” version just yet, so writing it down as I play it would just be copying their notes. So try to learn it by ear instead! 🙂

You can find the videos here:

And the recording of Gnistermorfar here: