Waltz played by Sammil Gustaf

The Coggle-Fart is back! And with a tune that sounds like another tune that I recorded a while ago. And it got semi-tones! You’re really in for a treat today.

This waltz is after Johan Björkman, a fiddler in Svärdsjö, and according to him this waltz was played by the fiddler Sammil Gustaf (aka Vingelfisen or the Coggle-Fart). In the sheet music it explicitly says that one the F in the first part should be played somewhere between F and F#. I decided to settle somewhere in the middle, but choose whatever tone you like.

The tune it is similar to, or probably the same as, is Sammil Gustaf’s Waltz. I don’t know for sure, but what I guess happened is that he either played it differently at different times in his life, and two different people noted these versions down, or one of the versions has been “washed out” by people forgetting tones and replacing them with their own.

In any case this tune is a fantastic example on tune evolution, and how tunes change depending on who is playing them. I don’t want to make another rant against those who think that there is one correct version of a tune, but if we want to play the music as they did in the past, shouldn’t we also allow our music to evolve as they did with theirs?

And as a side note: this week is also without sheet music because of the same reason as last week. I’ve just learned this tune, and writing “my” version down would be the same as copying the original notes. And that doesn’t make sense.

Anyhow, time for the videos! Enjoy!

And a recording of the other tune (it’s the second tune in the set):